Rampage Wrestling Club is a USA Wrestling Chartered Club. All members of Rampage Wrestling Club are required to have a USA Wrestling Card. Your USA Wrestling Card can be purchased by clicking the following link: 


Rampage offers many options for membership.  Rampage offers Drop-in (per-practice), or Monthly payments, as well as a year round Membership option.  We also offer group rates for groups of 5 or more. Please choose the option that best suits you:

The Monthly option is best for wrestlers who are committed to practice 3x a week throughout the month.

Drop-in payments are best for wrestlers who are just going to drop in from time to time to get a workout in, but not commit to a 3x a week practice.

The year round membership option is best for those who are fully committed to wrestling and train year round.

If you are part of another team and do not have a place to train in the off season or even want some extra practice during the season.  You, and other buddies from your team, may want to explore the group option.  This offers discounts to the monthly membership as well as discounts for camps provided throughout the year.

Off-Season Membership:


Please Call For Details

In-Season Membership fees:



Individual Monthly-$75

Group Monthly (5 or more)-$40 per wrestler

SMJWL and AAWL Team fees:


 Rampage Elite Option:

Cost for Wrestlers participating in both the SMJWL and the AAWL during the season is a 1 time fee of $300 if you pay in full. If  Parents can not make the one time payment they can chose to make the monthly payments of $75 for the in-season months of November-March.  However, if this option is chosen, a payment of $150 is due at the time of registration, this covers your first and last months commitment. 

​Rampage Parks & Rec Option:

Cost for Wrestlers only participating in the SMJWL during the season is a 1 time fee of $125. 

Year Round Membership:

If Interested In Year Round Training with Rampage Please Contact Us for more Information

*Note: For families with multiple children - a %10 discount will be provided per child, for monthly and league membership.




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